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GRIT Challenge: Gaining Emotional Grit

GRIT Challenge: Gaining Emotional Grit

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GRIT Challenge: Gaining Emotional Grit 

If you asked me a few years ago if I went to Jesus when I was feeling good, bad, sad, happy, fearful, nervous, anxious….. I’d say OF COURSE I GO TO JESUS. But the truth is that I was going to food first….then maybe Jesus for prayer. 

Food fixes everything, right? Na. Raise your hand if you are an emotional eater? Let’s work on it together for the month of August. We’ll focus on GRIT (Get Really Intentional Today) as a framework for unpacking our emotional eating. 

Join me for the month of August as we take a deeper look at our emotions and what we do with them. We’ll be doing a book study with “Easy Way to Quit Emotional Eating” by Allen Carr. But don’t be fooled by the title. This isn’t a “quick fix” of all the things. We’ll slowly unpack the book, the core aspects of shifting our mindset of emotional eating, AND look at what the Bible says about our feelings. 

This 30 day study includes: 
-Access to a private Facebook group to build community
-Weekly Zoom session on Monday nights to discuss book chapters (recorded for replay)
-Daily Facebook Live messages from Amber with a grit truth and encouragement. 
-Daily lives will be based in the Bible, Lifebook, Atlas of the Heart, The Gain in the Gap and other various personal development and faith books. 

Zoom Session Schedule: 
Monday, July 31st 8pm eastern
Monday, August 7th 8pm eastern
Monday, August 14th 8pm eastern
Monday, August 21st 8pm eastern
Monday, August 28th 8pm eastern

-Read or listen to “Easy Way to Quit Emotional Eating” by Allen Carr 
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-Participate in weekly Zoom session (or watch the replay)
-Create a GRIT goal for the month (how you will be intentional..Amber will help you with this in our opening session). 

What’s next? 
-Purchase the study and order the “Easy Way to Quit Emotional Eating” book. 
-Amber will send you an email on the 27th (or within 24 hours of ordering after the 27th) with access to the private fb page and a reading schedule. 

-Amber is not a licensed therapist. Amber’s guidance does not take the place of a counselor, pastor, or doctor. She is a guide with years of ministry experience, mentoring both youth and adults, as well as a certified health coach.
-Due to the nature of this service, no refunds will be given.


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