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Blessings Coloring Pages

Amber Bolton--Inspire Bible TOUR

Blessings Coloring Pages

$ 15.00

Blessings Coloring Pages

Every night I write down a few blessings from my day. It's a way to remember God and give thanks. I have found myself needing a few extra moments of worship and prayer and tend to doodle and color while I process my day. 

If this is what your heart needs too, download this digital pack and print it. My suggestion is to put these printed pages on a clipboard along with your favorite coloring utensils next to your bed. Give yourself permission to spend 20 minutes during the month to process and give thanks! Put down your phone, stop the scrolling, and count your blessings. 

What's included: 

25 undated Blessings Coloring pages complete with a Scripture prompt, box for blessings, and fun coloring portion to help you unpack the day with worship and prayer. 

-You're digitals will be immediately available upon purchase. Download the compressed PDF files to your computer. Unzip the file and print as many copies as you want! (Not for resale).

Note: Blessings 1 should be Psalm 16:3 not 12:3 and Blessings 2 should be Psalm 16:5-6 not 12:5-6. 

-P.S. Have an iPad and Apple Pencil and want to color these using the Procreate app? Purchase the downloads and send me an email! I'll send you the PNG's to add to Procreate!

*Refunds will not be given for the digital kit. 
*No physical products are included in this purchase.

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